Scheduling and Installs

Install times for basic structure such as carports, combo units, portable buildings, garages and barns are from 2 to 12 weeks and depending where the customer lives and the seasons.

Install times for the Mountaineer Cabins and Homes are from 8 to 20 weeks depending on the where the customer lives.

Winter season in extreme northern states that receive heavy ice or snow can delay the install times, this is out of our control, however we work as hard as possible to catch up as soon as we can in these type situations.

Our normal procedure when it comes to scheduling and installs is to try our best to get a trailer load of structures sold and get them on the way, this is how we are able to offer free delivery. If we are just delivering a one or two structures we would have to charge delivery fees. 

Our policy is to call our customers to make arrangements to come install the structure this usually takes place about a week or so before we are to arrive at your location.


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Delivery & Installation Request

If your delivery time has exceeded the scheduled time  stated above for the type structure you have purchased please complete the request form and the next available Representative will reply .

Please keep in mind that if you live in a state where there has been severe weather or other catastrophic events this can cause a delay also in our installation times and cause us to have to extend the delivery time that was currently provided to you. 



Thank you! Your message was sent successfully to the Installation Department, a agent will reply soon .