Why we display these items

We display these documents so that our very valued customers can see that we are a legit company. We know how much fraud is out there in the world not to mention on the internet. This is our attempt to provide you with information to make you hopefully feel more comfortable with us.

Our Corporate Certificate

We just relocated our Corporate Head Quarters to the Great State of Arkansas. We was issued our certificate by the Arkansas Secretary of State.

Our Corporate Articles

This is the corporate articles that is on File with the Arkansas Secretary of State.  

Bargain Structure Federal Tax

Issued by the United States Internal revenue Service

Business License

The county we are located in does not require a business license in the county.

Verify this Information 

City Clerk: Janice Smith 479-738-6607

City Fax: 479-738-6846

208 E. War Eagle - PO Box 549 - Huntsville, Ar 72740